Cosmetics from natural ingredients in wooden containers

Natural deodorants from RaE

The use of natural deodorants is a part of the current healthy lifestyle. We care about what we eat, we're increasing our physical activity and have learned how to use medications correctly. However, we should not forget about the cosmetics which we are using.

How to solve the problem with the unpleasant smell when it comes to sweat? Certainly it would not be a good choice to prevent your body from sweating. This is the bodies way to ensure correct thermoregulation. It is a natural process that has its merit. It is then that harmful substances are washed out of the body. In the underarm, we find a rich lymphatic system and we should therefore care about what we regularly apply to these places.

You can choose from two kinds of products - antiperspirants containing aluminum compounds, which prevent the skin from breathing properly and prevent sweat formation. Their other disadvantage is certainly the formation of yellow stains on clothes. These spots are caused precisely by the sweats reaction to the components found in the antiperspirants.

Deodorants act opposite, preventing chemical decomposition of sweat. The person sweats less and their sweat does not smell. The body is allowed to "do its job," while knowingly not allowing harmful substances like aluminum into its body.

Creators of RaE's natural cosmetics do not agree with the idea of regulating something as important as sweat. They have been able to market a natural product that meets the stringent requirements of users - with natural deodorants from RaE you smell beautiful and don't smell any sweat.