Cream deodorant jasmin

15 / 50 ml

Cream deodorant jasmin

Pure jasmin scent - flowery.

The creamy composition of the deodorant is achieved by combining coconut oil and shea butter. The natural antibacterial effects of coconut oil are enhanced by a balanced blend of essential oils.

Deodorant - its ingredients are edible soda and fine corn starch (not recommended for people sensitive to edible soda). The coconut oil is solid at room temperature, it melts at 24 ° C.

Change of the state is therefore not a defect. A purely natural product, free of dyes, synthetic flavorings and preservatives.

Deodorant usage: use your fingers to put a small amount into the underarm.

Warrning: Not recommended for people sensitive to edible soda.

  • Very hygienic application of deodorant
  • No aluminum, parabens, mineral salts, preservatives
  • Long-term effectiveness
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