Shea butter Q10 50 ml + Cream deodorant hand paintent 15 ml - Cashmere

15 / 50 ml

Shea butter Q10 50 ml + Cream deodorant hand paintent 15 ml - Cashmere

Unique gift for everyone. The natural cosmetics packaging will appeal not only to your loved ones but also to your business partner. At your request, we can create a unique combination of your choice.

Protects the skin from premature aging. Perfectly regenerates sunburned skin. Shea butter with coenzyme Q10 from us is yellow, because we add so much Q10 to our formula to see its effect as soon as possible. Coenzyme Q10 works against wrinkles. Essential oil from cashmere offers a light sweet, pleasant and luxurious scent.

Shea butter is a vegetable fat rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A, D, E and F, which is obtained from African nut.

It is known as shea butter or karite. A balanced composition ratio in this 100% natural miracle prevents from its yellowing. Vitamins and nourishing powers of shea butter are used in natural cosmetics. They thrive on dry, sensitive skin, effectively fight wrinkles, return elasticity to the skin, and regenerate hair.


The creamy composition of the deodorant is achieved by combining coconut oil and shea butter. The natural antibacterial effects of coconut oil are enhanced by a balanced blend of essential oils.

Deodorant - its ingredients are edible soda and fine corn starch (not recommended for people sensitive to edible soda). The coconut oil is solid at room temperature, it melts at 24 ° C.

Change of the state is therefore not a defect. A purely natural product, free of dyes, synthetic flavorings and preservatives.

Deodorant usage: use your fingers to put a small amount into the underarm.

Warrning: Not recommended for people sensitive to edible soda.

  • Very hygienic application of deodorant
  • No aluminum, parabens, mineral salts, preservatives
  • Long-term effectiveness
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