Who we are

We are a family manufactory from Czech republikmaking natural cosmetics packed in the original wooden boxes that we make ourselves.

rae prirodni kosmetika kdo jsme

Our story

Our story, the story of Radek and Eva, began in Mexico, on the way to explore a different culture. We admired the wisdom of the "shamans" and their knowledge of plants and trees, thanks to the shaman's art, we recognized the healing power and the beneficial effects of nature.

Inspired from this journey we decided to revive and pass forward a simple, valuable but forgotten information of individual plants and trees to the pleasure of soul and the benefit of our body in our products.

We consistently avoid harmful chemical components such as mineral oils, PEG, parabens and aluminum salts. The finished cosmetic product of our company contains more than 90% natural substances. Essences that caress and smooth our bodies.

Wooden packaging of cosmetic products in which we make use of wood waste from our workshop is our original product which is protected by utility law. With this approach, we try to express an attentive relationship to nature, to the environment in which we live.

Our philosophy is to employ people with disabilities.